New Product - Mini 12864 Panel

New Product - Mini 12864 Panel

Hi Makers,

Today we are going to introduce a new LCD, that's the Mini 12864 Panel.

This is a opensouce, cheap, with RGB indicator, common to marlin's display, supports offline printing, resolution is 12864, display area is 2.4'', SD card holder can be side or vertical, convenient for different installation occasions Ideal for small 3D printers.

- 2.4" inch high contrast Graphic LCD

- Black-gray/black-green/white-black/white-blue/green-black, 5 display styles

- SPI communication to host micro-controller

- Support Vertical or side SD slot with card detect

- Rotary Encoder

- Configurable RGB LED light

- Software configurable contrast setting

- 3D printable case and mount STL file

- EXP1 & EXP2 RAMPS Compatible socket