3D Printer Parts Makerbot Board

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We have brushed the Makerbot Mighty board before shipment.

main chip: Atmega2560-16au or Atmega1280-16au for choice.

Pls inform us the chip you want after place order. Otherwise, we will ship Atmage1280-16au in default.


1.The operating temperature is relatively high. Without a fan, the operating temperature is about 70 degrees at 0.5 A and the working temperature at 1 A is more than 150 degrees. It is possible to lose the step. It is recommended to do a good job of cooling, the best working current is about 0.5A.

2.Please pay attention to the plug-in orientation on the motherboard of Makerbot. 

3.Please adjust the current before use, adjust the current needs to be changed inside the motherboard program.

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