3D printer MiniMOS module

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Product Introduction

3d printer hot bed high-power expansion module, the appearance of small atmosphere, compact design, heat more powerful, to solve the hot bed power is too large, the current load problem, the module under normal heat dissipation, measured I (Max) = 30A can Stable long-term work, the use of the process, the current do not exceed 30A.

Weight: 39g !!!


1. each will be functional testing and then shipped

2. the performance of the MOS tube (nominal maximum current 280A).

3. large heat sink, the maximum current can be up to 30A or more.

4. you can directly use the Ramp1.4 and MKS series motherboard hot bed output signal control.

5. you can use 5-24v digital signal control.

Warm tips

When the use of hot bed power greater than 150W when the external high-power module ~

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