Rumba Plus 3D Printer Mother Board

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RUMBA+ is a advantaged and integrated mainboard controller which features ATmega2560 onboard with AVR processor. Its circuit is optimized based on original, that make it more stable and compatible. Rumba+ allows six motors, which is a good electronics solution for dual or triple extruder printer .


1. It features 2560MCU all in one controller board, compatible with all Ramps1.4 firmware.

2. Standard MEGA256016U2 serial drive, that enhances firmware uploading more stable.

3. Compatible with LCD2004,LCD12864 and MKS TFT touch screen MINI12864LCD.

4. Flexible to replace stepper drivers, such as 4988,8825,LV8729,TMC2100,etc.

5. Available to assemble high current driver by MKS CD, such as TB6600,LV8727,LV8729.

6. High quality MOSFET, excellent cooling.

7. Available 24V input. On the same Watt, allow to reduce current to its 1/4.

    That effectively solves heating problem of bed mosfet.

8. Support 12-24v power input with special power chip.

9. After repeated testing, strongly improve its stability, cooling and usability.

10. Available pinouts enhance much expansibility.

Advantages in Comparision to Original Rumba

1. Add Aux-1 interface, compatible with MKS TFT24,MKS TFT28 as well as MKS TFT32 touch screen.

2. Add anti-interference and circuit protection on endstop.

3. Available to set microstep by jumper.

4. Optimize power circuit and PCB diagram, more stable and compatible.

5. Colorful connectors make user easily distinguish and use .


Normally we brush 12864 firmware. If you want to brush 2004 firmware, please contact us, otherwise we will send regular firmware.

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