3D Printer Motherboard Megatronics V3 Control Board

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Name: MegatronicsV3




1. Set the Ramps, Arduino, Ramps SD and other products, the characteristics of the set of features on a motherboard.

2. Solve the ramps+arduino combination interface cumbersome, easy to trouble the problem.

3. Not only support the thermal resistance, but also support the thermocouple, can achieve a greater range of more accurate than the thermistor temperature measurement; Ramps only supports the thermistor temperature measurement.

4. Can drive 6 stepper motor, up to 3 can support the extruder; ramps only supports 5 stepper motor, up to 2 of the extruder.

5. Not only support the A4988 driver board, but also can support the DRV8825 driver board.

6. Reserved motor pulse and the direction of the output port, easy to plug large current external to the large current (such as 5A, 2A) motor drive circuit.

7. With micro SD card slot; Ramps without SD card slots.

8. The circuit board is made of 4 layers of high qualityRamps is the 2 laminate.

9. Comes with a buzzer, used to 3D printer instructions for sound.

10. Using patch type insurance tube and MOSFET tube, a total of four mosfets tube, one is used to heat the bed.

11. Can be set through the jump line 12 v or 5 v power supply, work needs to be set to 12 v power supply (if not connect USB).

12. 12V Power supply mouth have a diode is used to do a reverse protection5V power supply port with 500mA can restore the fuse protection.

13.Main control chip using Atmega 2560, USB interface conversion chip FT232R.

14. Firmware can use the open source firmware Marlin, using IDE Arduino upload.

15. Support smart controller LCD 2004 Modular and LCD12864 Modular .

If you want to learn more about Megatronics V3 motherboard, you can search online for open source.

We suggest A4988 stepper drivers for Megatronics V3 board.

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