FYSETC 10th Anniversary

Fysetc 10th anniversary:

Anniversary Blessing Video Challenge

Hey FYSETC Fans!
FYSETC thanks you for your support and trust in the past 10 years.Your trust is our growing power! Welcome everyone to make a blessing video to mark FYSETC's 10th Anniversary.There are many places to win .Try Your Luck NOW!


Please tell us your story in front of a camera/phone following the questions below,and send the horizontal video to luoxiaotian@fysetc.com via Google Drive, or other methods that can ensure safe and high-quality video sharing.

Film by phone or camera, horizontal 16:9, 1080P if possible

Language: English/Local Language

Please have FYSETC logo or product in video background

*Email Subject:FYSETC Turns 10 + Your Name +Country


Blessing Video Guide:(The video time requirement is about 1 minute)

*Briefly introduce yourself – your name and where are you  from,years in 3D printing.
*What is your favorite FYSETC product?(Showcase our products)
*Talk about your impression of FYSETC
*What do you expect from our FYSETC?
*What would you like to see from FYSETC next?
*Your birthday wishes to FYSETC.


Winner Announcement:2024/5/18


Prizes are: 

1st Prize(1 Person):ERCF v2.0
2nd Prize(2 Person):Filament drying box
3rd Prize(5 Persons):Bullant Control Board


Who can win?

: We will watch all participants' videos carefully, and we will fairly evaluate creative and interesting videos.